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Preview: Understanding Value-Based Care in a Primary Care Setting

Roger Fowler, MD, FAAFP

In this video, Roger Fowler, MD, FAAFP, provides a preview of his session "Forward Thinking Series - Embracing Value-Based Care in Primary Care Settings" at our Practical Updates in Primary Care 2024 Virtual Series. Dr Fowler speaks about the current transition period of health care delivery systems in the United States and how physician leadership will impact this phase. 

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Roger Fowler, MD, FAAFP, is a semi-retired family medicine physician with over 40 years of experience who is now affiliated with Ascension Texas (Tyler, Texas).



Roger Fowler, MD, FAAFP: Hello all, and thank you for joining us today to speak about value-based care. The goal within this presentation is to help you to come to an understanding of value-based care. And in doing so, what I want to do is to lead you through the history of our payment system for our health care delivery within America, which I would propose is really more of a sick care delivery non-system.

In my history, I have a 40-plus year history of providing family medicine as a family medicine doctor and finishing up my career in administration leading clinically integrated networks and ACO. In that, I have learned a lot and have lived through a lot of transition and change as we go from a fee-for-service system and now, in the transition phase, for a value-based care system.

And I would suggest that we in America, in spite of all of the best efforts, especially for the best efforts of primary care clinicians, we are the highest cost, lowest quality health care delivery among the developed countries of the world. I want to speak about why that's the case and that it is the result of the payment system, ie, follow the dollars.

I want to present to you a case study that can help understand where I think we should be going and to help, hopefully, influence you to know that the difficulty that we're experiencing now in this transition and change time will be worth it in the end as we can maybe help get primary care off of the treadmill of productivity or attempted survival financially in this kind of system to one where we can again focus on just taking care of patients in the highest quality way, most comprehensively, that we know how to do. It takes though, physician leadership in order to do that.

And so that's the goal I hope to create is enough interest and desire on your behalf to help get involved and to help lead this transition so that we can focus on providing the opportunity for our population of patients to receive the services that they deserve according to their present situation in life, whatever their gender, whatever their age, whatever their chronic disease. So please join us. I think it will be something that can enlighten you.

Thank you.

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