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6 Valentine's Day ICD-10 Codes That You Will Love

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    February is American Heart Month, and what better time to think about all matters of the heart than on Valentine's Day? Here, we present 6 ICD-10 codes you may find yourself needing on this love-filled holiday.

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    Medical science has yet to determine whether love at first sight actually exists, but one thing is for sure: if your patient is struck by Cupid's (or anyone else's) arrow, you're going to need this code.

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    As children, it is common to exchange hundreds of Valentine's Day cards with classmates and friends. With all that paper and cardboard piling up, you can be sure that paper cuts aren't far behind.

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    Cards and flowers are great and all, but everyone knows that the real gift your Valentine is looking for is a big box of chocolate. Just make sure to not eat the whole thing in one sitting, or this code may be necessary.

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    It is not easy to find a reservation on Valentine's Day. Hope you made yours already! If you do end up finding a table tonight, be on the lookout for opportunities to make use of this code.

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    Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
    But the very next day you gave it away


    The eternal words of George Michael and WHAM! are not only true of the December holiday season, but equally applicable to February 14.

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    The heart will break, but broken live on.

    —Lord Byron

    Sometimes mending a broken heart can seem as daunting as...well, literally mending a broken heart. Luckily, we have treatment options for both: ACE Inhibitors, ARBs, and anticoagulants for the one, and a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream for the other.

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    Happy Valentine's Day and American Heart Month from Consultant360!

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